Monday, April 18, 2011

Pardon My Sobriety (That's What She Said!)

I've been inexplicably boring the past week. Or busy? I think busy is the word people use as a synonym for boring when they want to sound interesting. Expect better content as soon as I get drunk and make a regrettable decision.

Meanwhile, I've been cheating on the personal blog with... other websites. I'll be contributing pop culture and lifestyle articles to The Next Great Generation. Today I have a guest post on the popular Columbus-based website Gen-Y Journey.

The kids at work discovered the phrase "that's what she said." They have no idea what it means, so they use it out of context, which only makes it more hysterical.

"All right everybody line up for the gym."


See what I mean? Hilarious.

Friday I locked my keys in my car. But luckily my brother, who has the spare set, just moved into an apartment two blocks from the new office I've been working in. I didn't even have to reschedule my two o' clock meeting.

Speaking of the new office, I've been interning at a local Columbus magazine. They keep me busy and out of trouble... so if anybody's to blame for the lack of prophylactics and spilled whiskey around here, it's them.

Wednesday night Columbus Entertainment (the other magazine I write for, I get around like that) held a special event to commemorate the release of the Spring issue. I shook hands with media personalities, football stars, and other wealthy, interesting people and attempted to pretend I was normal for a few hours.

In retrospect I guess the week was less "boring" and more "sober."

I really have to stop using those two words as synonyms.


  1. Crack's me up when I hear younger generations use phrases from before their time and not have a clue what context it's supposed to be used in. Hysterical,for sure, mildly annoying sometimes. And my, my aren't you the busy writer this week. I also happen to like "sober" as a synonym

  2. there any better word for sobriety?