Thursday, April 14, 2011

Library Shout-Out

The other month I snatched up a guest spot on The Naked Redhead. A few days later I was talking about it with my supervisor at the health sciences library where I work (because if I'm talking about where I'm putting my junk on the Internet, my boss is going to hear about it. That's just part of hiring me).

"I noticed you mentioned some of your other jobs on your bio but not us," she said.

Since I spend twenty hours a week at the library, I guess it deserves some mention. After all, they do pay for my food and electricity and drinks.

I started at the library in the summer of 2009. I work at the front desk, helping visiting patrons, answering phones, and of course, attending to my Facebook homework.

My coworkers here quickly became some of my favorite people. Some of us even use the word "friend" and find ourselves out on the town together. We've attended concerts together, closed down bars together, hell, some of us have even ended up living together.

Together we handle an array of never-works-right equipment, drunk homeless men, and of course, masturbating patrons.

What? You thought working in a library involved books?

I've shared secrets here, been drunk here, made out in stairways here.

All library staff, except the photo-bomber in the back, that dude's just here to party.
I know this is supposed to be one of those temporary jobs, something to pass the time and pay the bills as I transition into the next part of my life, but I'm going to miss this place when I graduate. I like the smell of books and time spent with good people.

This is the part where I play a Sarah McLachlan ballad to capture the moment, right?

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  1. Ha ha I love that you referenced How I Met Your Mother, Graduation Goggles.

    And seriously why is the library where everyone goes to masturbate? Used to spend a lot of time at a library never worked at one but studied at one and the homeless were abundant as were the masturbators, I have never understood why the library was the hot spot for that?